bearing [ber′iŋ]
1. way of carrying and conducting oneself; carriage; manner; mien
2. a support or supporting part
a) the act, power, or period of producing young, fruit, etc.
b) ability to produce
c) anything borne or produced, as a crop, fruit, etc.
4. an enduring; endurance
a) direction relative to one's own position or to the compass
b) [pl.] position, as of a ship, established by determining the bearing from it of several known points
c) [pl.] awareness or recognition of one's position or situation [to lose one's bearings]
6. relevant meaning; application; relation [the evidence had no bearing on the case]
7. Archit. the part of a lintel or beam that rests on supports
8. Heraldry any figure on the field; charge
9. Mech. any part of a machine in or on which another part revolves, slides, etc.
that bears, or supports, weight [a bearing wall]
SYN.- BEARING, in this comparison denoting manner of carrying or conducting oneself, refers to characteristic physical and mental posture; CARRIAGE, also applied to posture, specif. stresses the physical aspects of a person's bearing [an erect carriage]; DEMEANOR refers to behavior as expressing one's attitude or a specified personality trait [a demure demeanor]; MIEN, a literary word, refers to one's bearing and manner [a man of melancholy mien]; DEPORTMENT refers to one's behavior with reference to standards of conduct or social conventions; MANNER is applied to customary or distinctive attitude, actions, speech, etc. and, in the plural, refers to behavior conforming with polite conventions

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